Random individual effects on the probability of visit, the probability of gamete release and the number of offspring produced by brown trout on each mating occasion. The diagonal indicates the posterior probability distribution of the standard deviation of the Gaussian distribution in which random effects for the three components of reproductive success were drawn (dashed and solid lines are for females and males, respectively). Plots above the diagonal show the pairwise relations between random individual effects on each process, for females (one circle per female). Plots below the diagonal show the same thing for males (one triangle per male).

  Part of: Gauthey Z, Tentelier C, Lepais O, Elosegi A, Royer L, Glise S, Labonne J (2017) With our powers combined: integrating behavioral and genetic data to estimate mating success and sexual selection. Rethinking Ecology 2: 1-26. https://doi.org/10.3897/rethinkingecology.2.14956