Close-up of initial observation of partial mortality (blue arrow) and first appearance of the white disease line (light yellow arrow) from tagged Meandrina meandrites coral located at one of DCA’s southern, inner-reef, far-field control permit compliance monitoring sites associated with the Port Miami deepening project (coral tag number R2SC2-LR-T2-C1) on September 26, 2014 (left). The initial field code for this coral was “UC” for unknown condition. However, a well-defined SCTLD disease line (light yellow arrow) and continued partial mortality from initial location of mortality (blue arrow) was observed on October 8, 2014 (right) confirming the disease (from Precht et al. 2019). Note that in the photo on right, that the bleached portion of the colony has regained color (zooxanthellae) in response to cooler water temperatures only 12 days later. Also note the rapid colonization of turf algae on the recently killed portions of the colony (blue arrow) and the line of active disease (yellow arrow).

  Part of: Precht W (2021) Failure to respond to a coral disease epizootic in Florida: causes and consequences. Rethinking Ecology 6: 1-47.