Going, going, almost gone! Map showing progressive spread and distribution of SCTLD across the Florida reef tract from 2014–2020 (shown in red). Note on the 2020 map only the Dry Tortugas have been spared the ravages of this outbreak. Spread was faster to the north than to the south and west due to the general flow direction of the prevailing Florida Current (Gulf Stream). Original SCTLD occurrence maps by year were prepared by FDEP and are available via open access through FDEP’s SCTLD response website (https://floridadep.gov/rcp/coral/content/stony-coral-tissue-loss-disease-response).

  Part of: Precht W (2021) Failure to respond to a coral disease epizootic in Florida: causes and consequences. Rethinking Ecology 6: 1-47. https://doi.org/10.3897/rethinkingecology.6.56285